Website design and Microsoft Training in Ballymena

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Ballymena Website Design

Ballymena Website Design has added a new layer to what we do. We have teamed up with our friends in Big Rock Designs in Belfast to provide bespoke training for businesses and individuals to up-skill themselves in all Microsoft Suite products. We offer full day courses that try to help your organisation become more efficient in the powerful suite of Microsoft package. All training can be provided in your workplace or on site, but whats important is that it is completely bespoke, using your exact details and examples as a platform to train off.

Sure I can search the internet for training?

There are lots of on line training areas for this but no one offers specific training on exactly what your needs may be, we specialise in higher order areas of the Microsoft suite such as use of templates, eyedropper tool, format painter, embedding fonts and videos, watermarking documents, locking features for your employees. All this is based around your company or individual needs.


Show me!

Check out this presentation we did for a clientΒ that our training was wrapped around for a client that we delivered training for recently at Big Rock Designs.


Contact Us

Prices start at Β£175 for a bespoke full training day on Microsoft products remember to get in touch at for more information.