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How to set up an on line shop

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If you have ever wondered how to set up an on line shop then look no further. If you have a great physical product or range of variable products that you need to sell to a worldwide audience then Ballymena Website Design can help. Our website designers specialise in on line shops, more commonly known as E-Commerce websites. We have the ability to set up a super easy experience for your customers built especially for your business needs. Some sites such as Go Daddy and Wix just don’t have the flexibility that you need for your product, plus these sites don’t appear very often on the Google search pages. If you want to sell on line, lets connect and get your products connected to the world!

I have a service that I want to sell on line

If you don’t have a physical product to sell but instead a virtual product such as a service, a piece of software, lesson plans, art work, drawings, etc, thats no problem. We are experts in setting up secure downloads that customers can download and you can easily receive payment for.

Can I set up my own on line shop?

Sure, there are options out there such as  and . However, these sites dont rank very high in Google, so although building a simple site may be possible its getting that site onto page 1 of Google thats the tough bit. We have a proven track record of SEO in Ballymena and Northern Ireland. Check out some of our work to find out more.


How to build a website in WordPress

Check out this helpful video below to see how easy a simple website can be to set up.

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