What are we all about?

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As a web designer I am motivated by creating clear, interesting, simple but creative websites. With 20 years + in the education and creative industries , I am well placed to deliver a website that suits your needs.


Ballymena Website Design

At Ballymena Website Design we’re not too bothered with mind boggling terminology and fancy jargon. You tell us what you want your website to do, how much you think you would like to pay and via our regular face to face meetings we can deliver it for you.


We specialise in small business websites, as small as one page up to large co-operate organisations who require a secure on line shop and storage of bank details.


Build your own Website

A current trend in website design is the growth of ‘build your own website’ products. This is great, it gets more people on line with a presence, but, and there is a big but coming here, these sites are just not flexible enough for peoples needs, they are built in a way in which they simply do not appear on Google search engines very well (They appear about 30 pages down in search results…yikes) and when you come a cropper and get stuck, there is no friendly local support for you to call on.


Simple, affordable, friendly, fresh. Ballymena Website Design.